Welcome to B & H Care

B&H Care is an independent care agency based in Ipswich, but covering the whole of the United Kingdom. We deliver a wide range of health care support staff who can provide care services for a diverse range of service users.

Our person centred health care staff can provide a range of services.

Including domestic support, social support, medication support, companionship, mobility assistance, bespoke care services one on one care. Additional services include provision of basic housekeeping services, oral hygiene and denture care, mobility support, call in services, home help, incontinence management, on the whole services that improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our clients.

We provide services for the following bands of Service Users:

Elderly adults, adults, those with mental and physical disability, individuals with learning disabilities/ autistic spectrum disorder, others with learning disabilities sensory impairment and dementia

Our trained carers can assist you with domestic support for tasks related to day to day living

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WOW – I dont know what else to say. This is the service I have ever seen. I am a full time web dev and I barely find time to take care of my home, their service is just what I need.

Jane Stevens, Home Owner
The B&H Care team provides excellent support, listens to their customers & continually works to improve their service.
Stephen Cronin, Home Owner